Spiritual Journey : Miscommunication and Mind Attacks in Spirituality

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Embracing the emotions to reach the eternal.

Communications and chaos go hand in hand for the spiritually enlightened. In particular, when you live amidst the unenlightened ones, it becomes even more entertaining to be constantly misunderstood;)

I used to be highly sensitive, get upset, and ponder for days, which would only make me feel depressed.

Then I wondered…

Why shouldn’t I convert my emotions to expressions? Come on, you get to face some firsthand human experiences, so why not embrace them while on Earth?

I also silently feel this might be my last time on this lovely planet;)

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Spiritual Journey: Mistakenly Misunderstood Moments

How easily do we get misunderstood in this beautifully chaotic world? Even by people whom we have known for ages!

Do you know why?

To embark on the path of spirituality, to seek truth and liberation, you have to be ready to enjoy this privilege of being misunderstood. You have to be ready to walk the walk ALONE!

I learned this the very hard way. But, to be honest, it’s very simple. Obviously, the unenlightened will use their mind, intellect, and senses to judge and conclude every single situation they are exposed to. They are prone to think something is wrong with them or the person they are dealing with; they tend to overthink situations, blaming, wailing, and whatnot.

While you, the enlightened one, will begin to look at it from a broader, unimaginable, unbound perspective. Above mind, above body, and above senses.

You see everything truly and entirely through your soul consciousness. You see, the entire world is this imaginative, illusionary play being played in front of you. Every emotion, every thought, and every action seem to be coming from this unreal realm. Then you are inevitably prone to being misunderstood.

I suggest you seek discomfort in your path to enlightenment, for what you are going to taste and arrive at is blissful, above all the manifested unreal world.

Communication Mishaps and Mind Attacks in Relationships

In our spiritual journey, it is not like we attain our awakening in the mountains—no hurdles, no hindrances—with truth being served instantly on a plate to you and you taking a direct flight to reach the Divine!

We humans are all inevitably helpless and swirled into the law of karma. So you ought to be where you are supposed to be for your lessons, for your healing to happen, and for your blockages to be opened and healed to move to the next stage in your journey.

Hence, living with other humans, being exposed to life situations to feel them, and being able to tap into all kinds of emotions to grow in and out if that is the only way.

While communication is essential in any kind of relationship or even to survive on this planet, words become tricky and complicated to comprehend. It seems to be wavering and dancing according to one’s own scale of awareness and interpretation.

Relationships have to be conducted at every single moment. We have to remember that it’s a constant variable.

And it’s even worse if you are a spiritually enlightened person in a relationship with an unenlightened one.

If you are an enlightened one,

  • You might want to look at things devoid of body-mind consciousness.
  • You might be striving hard to protect your energy from being depleted from talking.
  • You yearn to understand life’s essence more than the worldly dramas around you.
  • You might be the one who is constantly misunderstood and feels exhausted explaining things to people.
  • You are a deep thinker and an ardent seeker of truth.
  • You are struggling to decide which side to lean on between just being soul-conscious and using your intellect to help the ignorant.

When you are spiritually awakened and enlightened, when you understand things for what they are, as you can clearly see the layers of every situation unfolding in front of you, it turns out to be a constant inner battle between whether you should talk about it to people or not!

And when you open your mouth to discuss or spread some wisdom, people’s egos take the front seat!

What next?

Pufff! All your wisdom is up for a toss!

What’s even worse is that not only might people not be able to see your point, but they might also blame you blindly. Yet you are able to see their heights of ignorance and unawareness of the entire situation. This might make you feel annoyed or even depressed in extreme cases, taking a toll on your high energy vibrations and thereby overlooking your love and compassion for others.

So? You might wonder, Where am I going with this?

Mind attacks!

This is where your mind takes control of you, which you should be aware of. In this journey of spirituality, attaining equanimity of mind is the ultimate. Our minds are programmed in such a way that they can go on and on, like forever, on a particular topic. This happens for the simple reason that your mind is doing its job. Just like your brain, kidneys, eyes, ears,arms, legs, and other body parts.

Remember, you are responsible only for what you say and not for what others interpret.

I read that somewhere, and it dawned on me how true that was. Yet time and again, we get pulled into and get entangled in others’ mindless talking, and that unknowingly might reach our trigger point. And the worst part is that you might not even be aware of what’s coming towards you and how beautifully it gets into your mind—a disturbance that you never asked for yet has arrived within moments. This in turn leads to a lot of inner chatter, thereby ruining your inner peace for days, weeks, and even months.

All these life scenarios and mind attacks are just illusions coming from a place of impermanence. But however hard you try, this reality will never be justified by your mind and intellect when you are at the heart of a disturbed situation.

I have explained the spiritual side of this concept a little below.

So what should you do now?

How can this mind-chatter be stopped?

Should you jump to some quick remedies like shopping, watching a movie, calling a friend, or speaking to mom?

NO! That’s not going to help either.

When I personally went through such situations, I allowed myself to go through my emotions, however hard they were hitting me. I became an observer. It’s like watching a movie, yes, but this time it wasn’t in front of a screen but within me.

Sit in silence.

When you watch your mind chattering constantly and listen to how your intellect answers your mind logically and how your senses and body feel around this entire inner conversation, you get to figure out the root cause.

At times, you won’t even know where the feelings are coming from. It might be showing up now for a situation that might have happened weeks or months ago! Because that’s how our mind works. Jumping back and forth N number of times. It could never be present until we trained it that way.

And that takes a lot of patience and understanding of oneself. Of course, daily meditation plays a huge role in this.

We sure don’t know what we don’t know.

I suggest we need to accept and move forward in awareness of the same. That way, we not only leave room for learning more but also refrain from cluttering our minds with unwanted thoughts.

When I was constantly being misunderstood when I started to practice spiritualism, I had to face the wrath of many around me. As an HSP, I didn’t like going to places where it was so crowded, nor did I like being around people who were loud. Perks of being awakened!

I was no longer that girl who used to blindly follow all the values and beliefs that came from extreme cultural conditioning. I was able to see how people followed stuff blindfoldedly and did things out of fear and unawareness for the sake of doing it.

Spiritual Journey and Reflections

All you need to remember in any given situation is that this is your unique journey. And that this beautiful soul, along with the entire situation at hand, was exposed to you for your karmic accounts to be dissolved. That soul has come into your life or has crossed paths with you only to help you work on your karmic ego (big or small) to be cleared forever.

Hence, whoever it might be—a kid or an elderly person, a known relative or an unknown stranger—just surrender and feel grateful for the lessons that came by. For the situations that moulded you to shine better, for the circumstances that made you suffer until you tapped into your inner power and found a way out.

Anything rubbing you or creating friction is exactly where you need to work and heal from within. These are the moments exposed to you as part of your syllabus to level you up.

If you are a seeker of truth and liberation, you might already be aware that there is no easy route to that one. You got to put in the effort and your undivided attention towards the Divine Spirit, or the Supreme Power, every day and every moment.

The plants nurture themselves with the help of the sun, rain, seeds, and fertilisers. The winds might challenge the plants time and again. Only those plants that stick to their roots survive. Similarly, you too, my friend, need to stick to your roots, your very core, during times of challenge.

You know your path.

You know what you are seeking.

You know you aren’t in for any worldly pleasures.

You know people around you aren’t going where you want to go.

You also know you aren’t going where others are willing to go.

Then surrender all your life energies, your focus, your undivided attention, and everything to the Divine, for it is His creation and creativity in which we are all delving. It is His wisdom we are all seeking. Lastly, it is His presence in everything that we need to realize for liberation from this world.

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Until next time,

Love, light, and endless inspiration to all.


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