10 Powerful and Different Ways to Embrace Emotionally Healthy Spirituality : My Personal Journey! 

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Effortlessly tune in to your soul’s rhythm!

Hey there, fellow seekers of truth and liberation! I’m diving into the deep waters of my soul today, sharing a bit of my journey into what I like to call an emotionally healthy spirituality.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), a Gemini, and an old soul, my spiritual path isn’t just about rituals and mantras; it’s about the raw and real connection between my emotions and the divine energy that surrounds me.

Let me take you through the twists and turns of my experiences, highlighting the importance of one’s emotional health in this journey.

10 ways on embracing emotionally healthy spirituality

1. Embracing my emotional landscape

In terms of emotionally healthy spirituality, understanding my emotions was initially like navigating a vast landscape blindfolded. But eventually I found my secret code to decipher my emotions.

I’ve learned that acknowledging and accepting the ebb and flow of emotions isn’t a weakness; it’s a gateway to profound spiritual growth.

It’s okay to feel, and it’s even more okay to explore where those feelings are coming from and what those feelings are telling you about your journey.

For a HSP like me, who is also a single child, I had no one to share my emotions with, and eventually I learned that one thing missing in my life was emotional support. From my childhood, I used to be this girl who quickly got upset with even the minuscule mockery made of me.

Today, I can say I am far away from that and have rather conquered my mind, body, senses, and intellect through meditation and my spiritual practices.

It was possible only through understanding and letting my emotions flow deep within, but with utmost awareness and consciousness.

So it’s like a healthy ego state where you turn to being an observer of your emotions and their triggers. This, I think, is important for attaining a healthy spiritual life.

2. The Harmony of self-reflection

Emotionally healthy spirituality

Being a Gemini, introspection comes naturally. It’s like having a personal compass guide me through the intricate pathways of my soul. Emotionally healthy spirituality, for me,also involves a continuous contemplation of deep thoughts and going through never-ending inner conflicts in all random life situations, all done with self-reflection.

I learned that it’s not just about looking in the mirror; it’s about seeing the layers of my being and understanding the beauty in each. And so every night before going to bed, I do my self-talk, looking right into my eyes to understand how I feel and why I feel the way I do, thereby letting go gracefully.

So, my dear beautiful souls, it’s very important to repeat it, no matter how many times it takes. Just repeat and rewire your mind to remember to attain equanimity in every situation. This is the only way out.

3. Navigating as an old soul

As an old soul, with all the karmic connections leading to a spiritual awakening, I’ve amassed experiences and wisdom that shape my spiritual perspective. Of course, that didn’t happen overnight. I had to put in the needed effort and time. It also took a toll, given the fact that I am introverted compared to all the extroverts around me. So I am happy with the way I have impressed myself!p

Spirituality with an emotional stability in the context of an old soul, coming from an extremely extroverted family and community, definitely seemed challenging and taxing. But I never gave up on my emotional health. I learned to say no when I didn’t feel content with what I did or what I was asked to do.

It’s not about speed; it’s about the depth of understanding that comes with the progress.And I value that a lot.

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4. Gemini’s Curiosity and Open-mindedness

As a Gemini, my curiosity knew no bounds when I began my spiritual journey. After my awakening, I woke up at 4 a.m. and meditated. Next, I listened to spiritual scriptures for an hour and practiced yoga. This went on for the next two years straight, and I am still continuing, although not in the early hours.

My curiosity as a Gemini is a powerful tool in action on this journey. It’s about being open-minded to different spiritual perspectives, absorbing the essence of each, and carving out what resonates with my soul. No, I am not boasting, but I would say that I didn’t restrict myself to just one type of scripture reading, say, for example, Buddhism.

I read Rhonda Byrne to begin with, Osho’s Awareness, listened to Brahma Kumaris, Sadhguru’s speeches, the Bhagavad Gita, and all Eastern philosophies like Taoism and Buddhism. I even read a few ancient Greek philosophies, like Stoicism, from Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Seneca, and Plato, and contemplated all philosophers and their teachings.

Now one might wonder why I diverted to philosophy! I was just contemplating the various aspects of life and its essence with scholars and philosophers. Because, why not? And I figured that while philosophy leads you through the intellectual way towards life’s essence, spirituality takes you through the language of your soul.

Hence, I concluded that emotionally healthy spirituality involves embracing the diverse and unique nature of one’s own spiritual exploration. Put simply, it’s boundless!

5. The Dance of Relationships

Spirituality isn’t a solitary waltz; it’s a dance with others. As an HSP, my heightened sensitivity allows me to tune into the emotions of those around me. And believe me, it’s the most challenging one to deal with.

Emotionally healthy spirituality shined through in the quality of my connections. It’s about empathy, understanding, and fostering relationships that elevate our collective spiritual energy.

There are times when I go completely crazy when I find mismatched moments, and all my vibrations mess up totally as I have absorbed them from around me. It is also by consciously letting me into such moments that it helps me discern and decide how and in which direction I need to go, or, simply put, my exact area to heal is revealed.

6. Grounding in the present for a emotionally healthy spirituality

Emotionally healthy spirituality

In the whirlwind of spiritual exploration, staying grounded is my anchor. Emotionally healthy spirituality reminds me to appreciate the present moment. It’s not just about reaching for the stars; it’s about feeling the earth beneath my feet and understanding that the journey is as significant as the destination.

I am also an abstract line artist, and I genuinely feel extremely grounded in my artwork and there are days when I go completely silent, as I really love to soak up the serenity and tranquilly that come with those moments. It is during such times that we get to reflect on who we are, what we are doing, whether we are heading in the right direction, and what we have been doing this far again without worrying about anything, keeping it light and easy.

7. Sacred Rituals with Emotional Resonance

Rituals aren’t just motions; they’re expressions of the soul. Emotionally healthy spirituality infuses my rituals with emotional resonance. Whether it’s a simple meditation or a complex ceremony, the key is to let my emotions infuse the sacred moments with a genuine, heartfelt connection to the divine.

This wasn’t easy, coming from a huge family of highly religious extroverts. I had my days of depression and deep contemplation. But slowly and steadily, I was able to find my way out of all the chaos that keeps being thrown upon us, particularly if we are shifting our vibrations to another tangent much higher than those around us.

People are way more religious, and time and again, my perseverance and determination were put to the test. By understanding my emotions and my deep connection to my very core, I was able to see what makes me feel content when it comes to following rituals. I abide by it, and I am still working on it.

8. Trusting the Spiritual Flow

Emotionally healthy spirituality


Not just being an old soul, but if you ask me one strong takeaway from my entire journey thus far, I would (also proudly!) say it’s my level of patience!

Spirituality has taught me how to double down on the art of patience. Emotionally healthy spirituality involves trusting the flow of the spiritual river, even when you can’t see around the next bend. It’s about surrendering to the journey, knowing that each twist and turn is a lesson in its own right.

Like I mentioned earlier, I love this philosophy called Taoism. The Tao means flow. And it is also compared to the innate qualities of water to say how we need to be adaptable, flexible, and just effortlessly flow wherever we are. I think the more I am immersed in nature, the more I learn this lesson.

Likewise, the flow within needs to be effortlessly blissful and soulful.

9. Embracing vulnerability for a emotionally healthy spirituality

Spiritual growth isn’t about putting up walls; it’s about tearing them down. Emotionally healthy spirituality embraces vulnerability as a source of strength. It’s about being open to the lessons that vulnerability brings and allowing the divine energy to work through the cracks in your armour.

There was this one time where we took a family trip, and I totally burst out with emotions. I became so vulnerable and open to my family members. Only then did they understand the intensity I was trying to explain. But once I did that, I was able to see how bold I was to open up and talk about things that people hardly want to have a conversation about.

I would say communication is the only key. Words have both rhythm and power. Grab your words wisely and play along on your spiritual journey.

10. Soulful alignment for a emotionally healthy spirituality

I would like to say that in the grand symphony of spiritually aligned living, a healthy spirituality is the melody that resonates within. It’s about aligning your soul with the rhythm of the universe, dancing to the beats of your own joy, sorrow, and everything in between.

You are unique, and so is your syllabus, curated by the universe, and your spiritual path!

Final thoughts : Your path, your lessons

Emotionally healthy spirituality

My personal take would be: do not follow spirituality for the sake of an awakening that’s happening to the collective lot, including you, by merely referring to what others are doing.Embrace the emotionally healthy spirituality that resonates with your feelings and emotions, which ultimately reflect your unique soul.

So here’s to the journey, fellow seekers!

May your path be filled with rich and healthy emotions, self-discovery, and a harmonious dance with the divine.

Cheers to a life where emotionally healthy spirituality is not just a concept but a soulful reality.

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Until next time,

Love, light, and endless inspiration to all.


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