6 Reasons Why Chosen Ones Struggle to be Around People

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The path of the chosen ones is often solitary,

for they walk amidst the echoes of destiny and

the whispers of the unseen.

When it comes to human existence, there are those who seem to tread a different path, guided by unseen forces, driven by their intuition and a deeper purpose. These individuals, often referred to as the chosen ones, possess unique qualities and experiences that set them apart from the crowd. 

Their journey is one of introspection, spiritual alignment, and a quest for meaning that leads them to seek solitude amidst the bustling noise of the world.

In this blog, let’s delve into what it is like to be the chosen one in this modern era and the reasons why chosen ones often suffer and find themselves struggling to be around crowds. 

Let’s also understand their challenges and unique journey towards self-discovery and spiritual fulfilment.

Chosen One Meaning

The term “chosen one” evokes a sense of divine purpose and destiny. However, in a broader spiritual context, being chosen doesn’t necessarily imply exclusivity or superiority. Instead, it signifies a deep resonance with one’s spiritual journey and a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.

At its core, being a chosen one means embracing a path of inner exploration and growth. It’s about delving into the depths of one’s soul, uncovering hidden truths, and aligning with a higher purpose that transcends personal desires.

For many chosen ones, this journey begins with a profound awakening—an awakening to the interconnectedness of all beings and to the cosmos of energy and consciousness that permeates the universe. It’s a realisation that each action, thought, and emotion has a ripple effect, echoing across the fabric of existence.

Being chosen isn’t about privilege or entitlement; it’s about responsibility and service. It’s about using one’s gifts, insights, and experiences to uplift others and contribute positively to the collective consciousness.

In essence, being chosen is a call to embrace the fullness of one’s being and to walk a path of authenticity, compassion, and wisdom. It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery, guided by the inner light of truth and love.

Now let’s jump into knowing the reasons behind why chosen ones struggle to be around a lot of people. 

6 Reasons why chosen ones struggle to be around people 

1. Due to their heightened sensitivity and energy drain

Chosen ones possess a unique sensitivity that permeates their experience of the world. This sensitivity extends far beyond what is conventionally understood, encompassing a deep attunement to the energies, emotions, and any kind of stimuli that surround them, like light, sound, people, or mere movements. 

This sensitivity stems from their acute awareness and awakening. They can sense subtle shifts in vibrations, whether positive or negative, which allows them to navigate social interactions with a profound level of insight. This heightened awareness, however, comes with its challenges, particularly in crowded or energetically charged environments.

In crowded places, chosen ones often feel emotionally and mentally exhausted, however positive the surroundings might be, due to absorbing various energies from the people around them. For a chosen one, this influx of energies can be overwhelming, akin to being bombarded by a multitude of signals at once.

The result is a sense of fatigue, both mental and emotional, as they absorb and process the energies around them. This energy drain can manifest as feelings of exhaustion, irritability, or a need to retreat and recharge in solitude.

In my case, I just couldn’t keep up with extremely extroverted, loud people in small or large numbers, crowded places, or anything loud. I would end up with a severe headache. It simply triggers my senses a lot. Being a highly sensitive person, I had to work on my senses, mind, and body consciousness through meditation to discipline and culture them to tune inward.

Through continuous practice and meditation, I can say I am much better and more progressive towards balancing the energies around me. 

It’s important to understand that this absorption of energies by chosen ones is not a weakness but a natural response to their heightened sensitivity. Just like a sponge absorbs water, chosen ones absorb both positive and negative energies from their surroundings, influencing their experiences in crowded environments.

This process is integral to their intuitive understanding of the world but requires conscious self-care practices to maintain balance.

By recognising and respecting their sensitivity, chosen ones can better navigate crowded environments. They may develop strategies such as grounding exercises, mindfulness practices, or setting energetic boundaries and aura cleansing methods in place to mitigate the effects of energy drain and maintain their well-being.

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2. Due to the need for deep reflection and solitude

In the quietude of solitude, chosen ones have the space to reflect on their thoughts, emotions, and experiences without external distractions. This depth of reflection allows them to gain insights into their inner workings, unravel complex emotions, and explore the deeper layers of their consciousness.

Chosen ones view solitude as a way to explore their inner selves deeply, rather than as a means to avoid the world. It’s a time for self-discovery, self-healing, and self-transformation. In the silence of solitude, they can listen to the whispers of their soul, uncover hidden truths, and align with their authentic selves.

However, chosen ones face a challenge when their desire for solitude conflicts with societal norms that emphasise constant connectivity and social engagement. In a world that often values extroversion and constant social engagement, chosen ones may feel misunderstood or out of place.

This dichotomy between the need for solitude and external pressures highlights the importance of creating balance in their lives. Chosen ones may cultivate practices such as meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or engaging in creative pursuits to honour their need for introspection while also engaging meaningfully with the world around them.

These practices not only foster self-reflection but also allow chosen ones to maintain a sense of connection to their surroundings. 

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3. Due to a lack of purposeful connections and meaningful interactions

chosen ones

The yearning for purposeful connections is profound among chosen ones. They seek conversations that go beyond small talk, delving into topics that resonate with their beliefs and values. In crowded settings where such meaningful interactions are scarce, chosen ones may feel a sense of emptiness and disconnection.

Additionally, chosen ones thrive on having a clear sense of purpose in their interactions and engagements. Without meaningful connections or a sense of purpose in crowded spaces, they may feel aimless or out of sync with the energy around them.

The lack of genuine connections and purposeful engagements can lead to feelings of frustration, loneliness, and discomfort for chosen ones in crowded environments. To counter this, chosen ones may actively seek out meaningful connections and purposeful engagements that align with their values and aspirations, fostering a sense of belonging and connection even in crowded settings.

They may struggle to find common ground with others and may feel like they don’t belong in such settings.

For the chosen ones, the quality of connections matters more than the quantity of interactions. Without meaningful connections and a sense of purpose, they may find it challenging to navigate crowded spaces and may prefer solitude or smaller gatherings where they can foster deeper connections and align with their purpose.

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4. Due to their spiritual alignment and inner harmony

Chosen ones prioritise spiritual alignment and inner harmony in their lives. This goes beyond mere practices or beliefs; it is a deep-seated understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the role of personal alignment in navigating the complexities of existence.

Inner harmony is another key aspect for chosen ones. They understand the importance of balance and equilibrium within themselves, recognising that inner peace radiates outward and influences their interactions with the world.

This inner harmony not only enhances their well-being but also shapes their ability to engage with others authentically, creating harmonious connections even in crowded or challenging settings.

It can be challenging for chosen ones to maintain their spiritual alignment and inner harmony in crowded or chaotic environments. The external noise and distractions may disrupt their inner equilibrium, requiring conscious effort to reconnect and realign with their spiritual core.

Despite these challenges, the chosen ones see every experience as an opportunity for growth and learning. They view obstacles as stepping stones on their spiritual journey, embracing both the light and shadow aspects of life with grace and resilience.

When chosen ones prioritise spiritual alignment and inner harmony, they enhance their well-being and radiate a sense of peace and authenticity that positively impacts those around them.

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5. Due to their different perspectives and unique interests

The chosen ones often have distinct viewpoints and interests that distinguish them from the majority. They see the world through a lens of depth and complexity, seeking to explore and understand the nuances of life in a profound way.

Embracing these unique perspectives can empower chosen ones to engage with others authentically and contribute their insightful viewpoints to social interactions. 

Further, chosen ones look beneath the superficial layers to uncover deeper truths, whether it’s in relationships, societal structures, or personal beliefs. This depth of perception allows them to offer insightful perspectives and alternative viewpoints that inspire thought and reflection.

Their unique interests also play a role in shaping their perspectives. Chosen ones are often drawn to subjects and activities that resonate with their spiritual journey and quest for knowledge. Whether it’s exploring ancient wisdom, delving into esoteric teachings, or engaging in creative endeavours, they find fulfilment in pursuits that align with their inner calling.

In my case, I love to be by the beach watching the sunset every single day, or I would love to mindlessly stroll around an art museum or sit in a library for hours exploring and reading a book on philosophy or spirituality. I would never like to step inside a shopping mall or a theatre except on a very rare occasion.

This unconventional set of interest, or at least unique from the collective lot, makes the chosen ones like me look distinct from the crowd. Another no-brainer for why we just can’t be around people who want and like something just the opposite of ours. 

This divergence from mainstream interests can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation or being misunderstood. And so the chosen ones may find it challenging to connect with those who don’t share their passions or understand the depth of their perspectives.

However, they also value authenticity and staying true to themselves, even if it means walking a less-travelled path.

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6. Due to their unique spiritual mission and calling

Chosen ones often experience a profound sense of spiritual mission or calling that guides their actions and decisions. This mission is not merely a personal goal but a deep-seated belief in their purpose and contribution to the world. It encompasses a range of activities, from healing and teaching to creative expression and activism, all driven by a desire to create positive change and promote spiritual growth.

At the core of this spiritual mission is the requirement for solitude and concentration. Chosen ones understand that their work and contributions require a deep level of concentration, introspection, and alignment with their inner guidance.

Solitude provides them with the space and clarity needed to channel their energies towards meaningful contributions, fostering a deep connection to their purpose and spiritual calling. 

They often engage in practices such as meditation, contemplation, and self-reflection to stay connected to their purpose and maintain clarity amidst distractions.

The requirement for solitude stems from the nature of their mission. In crowded or chaotic environments, chosen ones may find it challenging to maintain their focus and connection to their spiritual calling. They may feel overwhelmed by external stimuli, conflicting energies, and the demands of social interactions, which can detract from their ability to fully engage with their mission.

As a result, chosen ones may choose to isolate themselves from crowds at times to nurture their spiritual well-being and maintain their sense of purpose. This isolation is not a rejection of society but a strategic decision to prioritise their inner work and stay aligned with their mission.

By emphasising the importance of solitude and focus in fulfilling their spiritual mission, chosen ones acknowledge the sacrifices and challenges that come with their path. These challenges, although demanding, are seen as opportunities for growth and self-discovery, shaping their journey towards a deeper sense of purpose and fulfilment.

They understand that solitude allows them to recharge, gain clarity, and channel their energies towards meaningful contributions, ultimately leading to a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose in their lives.

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Final thoughts…

chosen ones

The spiritual journey in itself is not a path to run away from the crowd or the worldly endeavours, but to be among them and develop equanimity in all entities—living, nonliving, animate, and inanimate—that you are exposed to. 

Chosen ones, with their heightened sensitivity, deep introspection, and profound spiritual mission, often find themselves at odds with crowded environments. Their need for solitude, focus, and alignment with their spiritual calling can lead to a sense of isolation in social settings. 

However, this isolation is not a rejection of society but a necessary step in honouring their unique path and contributions to the world. By embracing their need for solitude and focusing on their spiritual mission, chosen ones find strength, clarity, and purpose amidst the challenges of being in crowds, ultimately leading to profound personal growth and fulfilment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) How do you know you are a chosen one?

Chosen ones often experience a deep sense of purpose or calling that guides their actions and decisions. They may feel a strong connection to their spiritual path, have a heightened sensitivity to energy and intuition, and feel driven to make a positive impact on the world.

2) What are the chosen ones?

Chosen ones are individuals who feel called to a specific mission or purpose, often rooted in spirituality or a sense of higher calling. They may possess unique gifts, insights, or experiences that contribute to their role as agents of positive change and growth.

3) What powers do the chosen ones have?

Chosen ones may possess intuitive abilities, heightened sensitivity to energy, deep empathy, and compassion, as well as the capacity to inspire and uplift others. Their “powers” often stem from their alignment with their spiritual mission and their dedication to personal and collective growth.

4) What does it mean to be chosen by God?

Being chosen by God can signify a divine calling or purpose in one’s life. It may involve a sense of being guided or protected by higher forces, a deep connection to spiritual teachings or beliefs, and a responsibility to live in alignment with divine principles of love, compassion, and service. 

5) Why do I feel like a chosen one?

Feeling like a chosen one may stem from a strong sense of purpose or mission, a deep connection to spirituality or higher truths, and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. It can also result from experiences of growth, transformation, and self-discovery.

6) What makes someone the chosen one?

A person may be seen as a chosen one if they align with a specific mission, possess unique gifts, show dedication to personal and spiritual growth, and have the ability to inspire and positively impact others.

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Until next time,

Love, light, and endless inspiration to all.


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